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Birthdate:Aug 26
Location:Florida, United States of America
I'm an avid reader, mostly of Fantasy, light fiction, some mysteries, and historical stuff.

I enjoy historical reenactments in the SCA, whenever I have the time, that is.

Other hobbies include cooking, baking, computers, and learning new technology.

Interests (106):

acacia, accessible cell phones, alternate history, american history, american revolution, architecture, asoiaf, aubrey-maturin, audio books, belgariad, betsy-tacy, better than ezra, blindness, blogging, books,, boston ma, braille, british royal family, byzantine empire, byzantium, carrie underwood, cathedrals, catherynne m valente, chalion, classical liberalism, colonial america, constantine the great, constantinople, cooking, daisy books, david anthony durham, david eddings, digital talking books, dr. quinn, drawing, eastern orthodox, england, epic fantasy, espionage, fantasy writing, fiction, florida state university, francesca battistelli, george r. r. martin, german history, government, gps navigation, greek orthodoxy, guide dogs, harry potter, heralds of valdemar, historical fiction, historical reenactment, history, imperial russia, imperialism, internet, j.r.r. tolkien, law, law school, literature, lord of the rings, malloreon, manifest destiny, mash, medieval, mercedes lackey, monarchy, muds, mythic fantasy, ncis, nfb, nonfiction, obsidian trilogy, oldenfeld, orthodox christianity, ottoman empire, patrick o'brian, politics, reading, republican, revolutionary war, robert jordan, romanov family, royalty, russian orthodox, sca, seeing eye dogs, southern history, temeraire, the big bang theory, the hobbit, the orphans tales, the seeing eye, tradecraft, trimaris, tsar nicholas ii, valdemar, victorian etiquette, visual arts, washington dc, web design, wheel of time, world war ii, writing
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